What is Review Forum Optimization?

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Review Forum Optimization (RFO):

n. (noun)

Organic search of a product or brand image has substantial impact on the consumer outlook of the brand, thus having a direct impact on purchasing. However, most companies do not focus on the conversations going on in these forums because:

  1. They are difficult to identify
  2. User generated content in large quantities
  3. Controlled by third parties, thus difficult to reply to

Many businesses (both big and small) are becoming more and more proactive about these sites for their respective industry because it is essential for point of purchase and ROI.

Latest RFO Trends

Mobile User and Review Forums

Over the last few years, smartphones have seen an unprecedented adoption rate. This has resulted in people able to find instant results and answers for just about anything. This instant access to the internet means that a brands results on online review forums like yelp and amazon are extremely relevant.


Message Boards

A message board, commonly called a forum is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages or comments. In most instances, these messages are archived and can be searched by other people via search engines.

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